Purpose of using personal information

In this site and the application provided by this site,
We do not collect personal information.

However, regarding the application “PriceRecord”
We will use the e-mail address for the purpose of confirming the uniqueness of the user.
The registration of the e-mail address is arbitrary, it does not force the user.
Also, we will not use it for purposes other than purpose.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We will manage personal information appropriately on this site.
In addition, we will not disclose personal information to third parties unless it falls under any of the following.

-When there is consent of the principal
-When it is necessary to disclose based on laws and regulations

Referrals of the principal

If you requested disclosure, modification, addition, deletion and suspension of use of personal information from the principal,
We will respond promptly after verifying your identity.

Contact Us

For inquiries concerning the handling of personal information, please contact below.